Using our platform allows you to manage your campaigns in real time. Thanks to the integrated dashboard and personalized reporting, you will not only be able to make quick decisions—they will also be good decisions that lead to an improved return on investment.
Our team has over a decade of experience in affiliate marketing. This is supplemented by a modern system that enables the efficient management of our performance marketing network. This combination of experience and technology delivers numerous benefits to our advertisers and affiliates.

Manage your offers

  • Select from multiple payout models—such as CPI, CPM, CPC and CPA—and pick the . one that's right for you
  • Control which affiliates have access to your offers.
  • Precisely target your offers to certain devices and/or locations.
  • Categorize your offers to facilitate better matching with publishers.
  • Manage your spending caps in a flexible way, such as by basing them on revenue or conversions You can even set private caps for specific affiliates




  • The all-in-one dashboard saves you time and enables better decision-making by bringing all your business metrics and data into one place.
  • Real-time reporting allows you to make snap decisions.
  • Access a variety of predefined reports, or create your own custom reports to meet your specific business needs.
  • Export your data in CSV format for use in third-party applications.


Fraud prevention


  • Our proprietary algorithm actively combats fraud and protects your brand, so we can take immediate action should any unusual campaign activity arise.
  • Automatically receive instant alerts about any critical changes in status.
  • Undesirable affiliates are quickly frozen or blocked by our fraud prevention team.
  • Categorize your offers to facilitate better matching with publishers.
  • Advertiser security codes prevent dishonest affiliates from attempting to force-fire postback URLs.



Operates on a stable and secure system


  • A robust API enables our affiliates to seamlessly automate their workflow.
  • Our servers are SSL secured with 99.9% availability and protected against DDoS attacks.
  • Redundant backups ensure the integrity of all data
  • Software maintenance (upgrades and bug fixes) are applied weekly to ensure maximum uptime and minimize risks