Want a great way to monetize your mobile app?

Have you put your blood, sweat and tears into producing a great mobile app? Would you like to get something back from it, but you’re not sure how can you monetize it without alienating your users?

Joining our affiliate network will give you access to a wide range of offers on a global scale, so you can pick the theme that you think will appeal to your users the most.

How does it work?

When you refer your traffic to one of our participating advertisers, you'll receive compensation whenever one of them performs a particular action. This could be downloading another mobile app, making a purchase, participating in a free trial, or signing up for a service.

Can you really make money?

Mobile marketing is very attractive, because you can earn a largely passive income by promoting the services and products of advertising companies. You don't need to worry about storage or shipping, and any customer support is provided by the seller. All you need to worry about is how to drive relevant traffic to your advertisers.

For the same reason, mobile affiliate marketing also a very competitive arena, so our dedicated account managers take a tailored approach to every publisher. We also respond quickly to your requests, providing you with the expertise you'll need to keep up to date with new methods and techniques and successfully monetize your app. By using our tools to test, measure, and track the performance of your affiliate programs, you can be sure you'll achieve the best possible revenue from your app.

Of course, once you achieve results, you will want to be sure of being paid. We pride ourselves on paying our publishers on time, every time.