Are you looking for a cost-effective way
to promote your mobile app or a website?

In order to promote any mobile app or mobile content offering, you will always need to attract a steady stream of new users with a high engagement rate. How can you do this, though, especially if you're a fledgling venture with limited resources?

You may have heard about ad networks and cpc marketing. These are valuable methods for sure, but they require a hefty investment in terms of time and/or money and do not deliver results in the short term. Sure, you will see the benefits over time, but can you really spend that much and wait so long for the benefits to materialize?

You may have also considered sponsored search results. These might get you some leads, but you'll be jostling with your competitors to get that all-important ranking result, driving up your advertising costs in the process.

Why not try performance marketing?

Mobile advertising is where it's at these days. Our affiliates are app developers that attract high quality mobile traffic, so they are uniquely positioned to deliver mobile customers with a high engagement rate to your business.

Everybody needs to eat of course, so you naturally reward them for delivering successful leads. Every time a referred customer shows your desired behavior (e.g., downloads your app, buys a subscription, reaches a certain level in your game, etc.), you pay the referrer an agreed amount.

All our affiliates are vetted, both manually and via an automated risk management system, so any fraud is minimized. What's more, you can also precisely target your desired audience according to demographics and OS version, so you can be sure you're reaching the most valuable customers.