About us

Our team here at Clicxy comprises experienced affiliate marketers with over a decade of accumulated experience in the field. It's therefore no surprise we consider ourselves to be experts in the innovative area of performance marketing. As we move into an increasingly mobile age, we strongly take the view that mobile performance marketing offers businesses the best advertising opportunities, especially in terms of attracting high-engagement users.

We firmly believe in doing performance marketing right, because only then does it create a win-win relationship for both advertisers and affiliates. We use modern technology to manage our growing performance network. Our system, along with our own manual audits, automatically detects and prevents possible fraud. A precise targeting system also ensures that you attract the best possible audience, while our integrated reports enable you to adapt your campaigns to get the best possible ROI from performance marketing.

Of course, technology isn't everything, so our dedicated account managers adopt a personal approach to every advertiser and publisher. We respond quickly to your queries and endeavor to be as helpful as possible.

A performance network is nothing without high quality affiliates, and we make sure we attract the best publishers with high-engagement users. We believe in supporting our affiliates and enabling them to be as successful as possible, and we always pay them on time.

Whether you're an advertiser or publisher, feel to check out our service. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.